Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR)

​We have worked with our long-term partners, BASR for over 30 years. 

​Through the BASR, ABCD supports individual disabled children on a variety of rehabiltiation programmes, receiving monthly reports on each child's progress.  We help with eye surgery, speech and hearing problems, with trauma treatment, with neurological, psychological and physical ailments, with transport to the hospital, with orthopaedic issues such as the need for special shoes, and with mobility, providing crutches, wheelchairs or callipers as necessary.

​We may help a child in the most immediate way, by ensuring, for example, that an undernourished child has enough to eat, or we may help for the long term, by seeing that a bed is there for a boy or girl who will be in a vegetative state (caused by traumatic injury), for a lifetime.  In short, with your help, we do everything we can to help a disabled child. 

​In addition to the work in the hospital, we support an outreach programme run by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who take rehabilitation services to children in remote desert areas, or to disabled children whose families are overwhelmed with responsibilities and are struggling to support them.   Typically, in a month we may fund 15 individual cases.
Some children will be admitted to the BASR for initial diagnosis and treatment.  They will then be set on a rehabilitation programme before they return home.   It is the policy of the BASR that, wherever possible, these young people are accompanied by their mother, or family member, who stays with them throughout this time.  This way the child, and mother, are less traumatised by the experience and the mother learns how to handle the child and their treatment when back at home.   ABCD sponsors the salary of a Drama Therapist who works with these children and families on the Children’s Ward during the afternoons, bringing much needed light relief, fun and laughter.

Funding is needed so that we can extend our support to the many more children currently on the waiting lists.
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