Lynne Al-Sad and Hannah's
ABCD Walk 

In August, Lynne and her daughter Hannah, embarked on a walk in memory of her husband, Heidar with donations made given to ABCD.    Here is an extract from Lynne, describing their walk.

​"Our walk went exceptionally well and despite the awful weather forecasts and the inclement weather most of the country seemed to be swathed in, we enjoyed beautiful conditions (even if rather blowy on the Saturday) and most importantly, did not get really wet once!  ​​

We had just got back to the car after 16 miles on Sat (some very kind friends were acting as our taxi for the weekend) and at that point the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour and we were sooooo thankful!   Yesterday we had a half-day available as Hannah needed to head back to London by early evening, so we pressed on and did another 9 miles, making the total 25, so we were tired but very happy, especially as it had been so  enjoyable and through some breathtaking land and seascapes.

It has been both wonderful and very humbling and we feel God truly blessed us, especially as Hannah arrived Friday evening feeling quite unwell and I wondered if she was going to be able to do it al all, and any bad wind and rain storms occurred during the night.  We have some very precious memories from this event, and, as you had suggested, we had plenty of lovely quiet "pondering" time too.  ABCD was also very much in our minds."

Lynne and her daughter raised £750 for ABCD.   

​Thank you.

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