ABCD improves the lives of children with disabilities
across Palestine regardless of faith, race or gender


We remain independent, focussing on the needs of the children our partners work with.


We ensure child-centred holistic care remains at the heart of everything we do .


We have hope that sustainable and accessible care is possible for all.


Working with children and their families in their communities enables generational change.


Launch Good brings us together 

With your donations, children across the West Bank will be able to access life changing rehabilitation, psychosocial support and a community. Not only this, but healthcare professionals can build their skills through bespoke training and families feel less alone. This is change now, for the long term. 

This Ramadan, we are using Launch Good to help collect funds to make this change happen. This way, you know your zakat contributions are being used to create a real difference in the world. You can learn more about what your support will help achieve by reading about us.  

Donate soon, as the campaign will end on 23rd April 2023. Thank you for your support -!/ 

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Friends of ABCD

Action around Bethlehem Children with Disability | Charity No:  1097623

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