ABCD improves the lives of children with disabilities
across Palestine regardless of faith, race or gender


We remain independent, focussing on the needs of the children our partners work with.


We ensure child-centred holistic care remains at the heart of everything we do .


We have hope that sustainable and accessible care is possible for all.


Working with children and their families in their communities enables generational change.



Music Therapy is a powerful medium which helps children who may struggle to express themselves and to deal with everyday trauma

ABCD Advisor and Music Therapist, Canon Claire Tillotson, together with the Mental Health Team at Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation (BASR) set up this project in 2015.

ABCD's Music Therapy Programme currently supports:

  • Music Therapy at the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation; Community Centres, and Schools; individuals; classes; speech and language groups; family sessions
  • Music Facilitator’s salary at BASR
  • Provides and upgrades high quality musical instruments

This programme is supported by London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

ABCD’s long term aim is to bring this vital therapy to the Refugee Camps.


MT 2

Every Tuesday morning Badir’s mother knows that he will tell her he has ‘music with Raniya’.

Last year, Badir, an eight-year old boy with autism from El Khader, near Bethlehem, was disruptive in school. Unable to sustain attention, restless and agitated, and unlikely to use the little language he did have in social situations, he struggled in school. Now Badir benefits from weekly music sessions with Raniya, BASR’s music facilitator whose salary ABCD supports.

Now he is able to use words to express his needs, is more aware of people around him, and that they are different from him. He is progressing to wait, to listen, to have eye contact and to express different emotions like sadness, anger and joy. Badir’s eagerness and response to music sessions with Raniya reflects his awareness of the wider world and his place in it. His story is one of many showing the incredible power of music therapy.



Music with Raniya
Using percussion to keep a beat
Music Therapy
Group music therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy
Music Therapy in action

How You Can Help

Msuci therapy is very rare in the West Bank, but unbelievably valuable to those who can access it. Please help bring this service to more and more children with by clicking here to donate today. 

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