Action around Bethlehem Children with Disability

Improving the quality of life of children with disabilities across the West Bank

Action around Bethlehem Children with Disability
Action around Bethlehem Children with Disability are working across Palestine to provide hands-on support for dedicated centres for children with debilitating needs and their families. We partner those who run the centres offering physical, mental and educational programmes.

Nur Shams Refugee Camp

The children clearly enjoy their treatments – to watch a child of four who has never walked take his first steps, initially aided by the parallel bars and then to launch off unaided is truly wonderful

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Who We are

Action around Bethlehem Children with Disability has now been working to better the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged children with disabilities and their families for over 35 years.

With so many years of experience and the wonderful effective commitment of our local partners in Palestine, we are able to bring cost effective practical help for families who have children with disabilities and who would otherwise be without any support. Many of these families live in hugely difficult circumstances in West Bank’s refugee camps.

We strive to give every child with a disability the vital holistic therapy to cover all their needs through high quality professionalism mixed with human warmth and compassion and with the ultimate aim that they may find their rightful place in society.

Above all, we help overcome the taboos still associated with disability by taking the whole child and giving them hope and opportunity, enabling them to reach their optimum potential and find their rightful place in their society.


What We Do

  • we identify disability problems at the earliest possible age – when treatment can have the maximum effect for both the child and the family
  • we provide ongoing treatment programmes
  • we fund individual children’s needs – prosthetics and orthotics, wheelchairs, walking and seating aids, spectacles and hearing aids
  • we cover the cost of surgery, medication and therapy sessions
  • we support the children’s families through education and provide home modifications so that they can deal more successfully with their child’s well-being and treatment
  • we fund upgrade training and developmental programmes for therapists
  • our music therapy programme helps traumatised children to express themselves and with their lives


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Where is Waleed?

The competition is based on a boy called Waleed travelling a route in Palestine which you cannot see! Donate £5 a grid square (or £20 for 5 squares) in the hope that you will either find Waleed is there in that square (first prize) or on up to 4 grid squares where he has stayed (secondary prizes). Waleed, who is able to walk, wants to help other children to become mobile too, the funds raised going towards wheelchairs.  The competition will run monthly, and winners will be notified by email at the end of each month if they have won a prize. If more than 1 person hits the right square it’s the first to get there that wins the prize!  

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ABCD alternative Tour to the Palestinian Territories

Organised by Reverend Daniel Burton

07th - 14th February 2022

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PalArt 2020 – Art for Palestine  

To raise funds to support the work of ABCD Bethlehem, we’re pleased to announce the launch of PalArt 2020, an online auction of original artworks by British, Palestinian and international artists.

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